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Khandala Hill Stations | Khandala | Maharashtra Hill Stations

Khandala Hill Stations | Khandala | Maharashtra Hill Stations

A small but beautiful hill station, the town of Khandala provides a spectacular view of the lush green hilly surroundings. If you are tired of the daily work and toil, you can drive down a distance of 101 kms from the busy city of Mumbai to soak a few moments’ peace and pleasure. It has several trekking trails around it which is a delight for the adventure lovers.

Earlier, Khandala was a part of the terrain of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Later it eventually went to the power of the British. Khandala is positioned at the top end of the Bhor Ghat on the roadway between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan plain. The Ghat serves an extensive amount of both road and rail traffic. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the main connection between the main cities of Mumbai and Pune, cuts through Khandala.

Located barely 5 km from Khandala is the other famous hill station of Lonavala which also has the similar picturesque landscape as that of Khandala. There are plenty of lakes around Khandala like the Tugauli Lake, Lonavala Lake and Bhushi Lake. Also the Walvan Dam located here is worth visiting.

Karla and Bhaja Caves, situated amid the hills 16 km away from Khandala, are fine places to visit. These rock-cut cave temples which date back to as early as 2nd century BC and are amongst the oldest and excellent instances of Buddhist rock-cut temple art in India adhere to the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. Amruntanjan point is another tourist interest that impresses its visitors to the core.


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Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Khandala is between the months of October and May. It is advised not to visit Khandala in the monsoon season between the months of June and September because of heavy rains.

How to Reach Khandala:

By Air:

The nearest domestic airport from Khandala is Pune at 69 km and international airport is Mumbai. Regular flights from various parts of the country will help you reach Pune and various rail and road services will help you reach Khandala easily. All the important domestic airways offer services at both these airports. So, people traveling to Khandala via air have to avail of a flight either till Mumbai or till Pune, and then avail of local modes of transport to reach their destination. International tourists can come till Mumbai, and then without difficulty avail of Khandala-bound taxis, buses or private cars from the Mumbai airport.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Lonavala. Being situated on the Mumbai-Pune rail route, Lonavala offers has several express and local trains that ply between these two cities. Some of the trains available touching Lonavala are as follows;

Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express
Mumbai-Pune Deccan Queen
Mumbai-Pune Sihangad Express
Mumbai-Pune Pragati Express
Mumbai-Pune Indryani Express

By Road:

Regular bus services ply from Khandala to chief cities around. The roadways that link Khandala to the cities of Mumbai and Pune are well laid and well-maintained. Furthermore, the Mumbai-Bangalore National Highway cuts through it, which makes it easily accessible from these cities and adjacent areas. Various state government-operated buses (AC, Deluxe, Non-Deluxe) are available from Mumbai and Pune, to reach Khandala. Private tour agents also provide luxury/non-luxury bus and taxi services to access the place. will help you in organizing a relaxed road trip to Khandala and offers alternatives of air-conditioned and non air-conditioned four-wheelers with chauffeurs, thereby making your dilemma as to how to reach Khandala settle for the perfect choice.

Tourist Attraction in Khandala:

Khandala is a very beautiful and very small hill station, situated in the state of Maharashtra. Sited amidst picturesque locales, this hill resort provides exceptionally mesmerizing view of the gorgeous valley seen below. The hectic lifestyle of the city drives people out of their homes and towards this place, which serves as the perfect haven for them. Walk across the landscape of Khandala, explore its hidden treasures or just sit in your hotel room balcony, sipping tea and savoring the delights of nature. Given below are the spots that must be covered on sightseeing tours of Khandala.

Duke's Nose:

Duke's Nose is the name given to a cliff situated near Khandala. It was so named because the cliff seems to resemble the shape of the nose of Duke Wellington. Duke's Point boasts of spectacular natural beauty that can mesmerize people at any time of the year.

Amruntanjan Point:

Amruntanjan Point is a beautiful spot, located just at the start of the Khandala Ghat. From this point, one can have magnificent views of the Duke's Nose as well as the city of Khopoli.

Reversing Station Point:

Reversing Station Point also offers breathtaking view of Duke's Nose. From here, one can also see trains changing lines on either side.

Tiger's Leap:

From the vantage point of Tiger's Leap, you can hope to get some of the most spectacular views of the valley situated below. The name of the spot is 'Tiger's Leap' because as you gaze down it, it looks like a tiger leaping into the valley. To ensure the safety of the visitors, big holes have been provided for looking down from the great height.

Karla and Bhaja Caves:

Karla and Bhaja Caves are located at a distance of approximately 16 km from Khandala. Dating back to the 2nd century BC, these caves are visited by a large numbers of tourists every year. They belong to the Hinayana sect of Buddhism and serve as an example of the rock cut architecture of that time.

Khandala Lake and Bhushi Lake:

Khandala Lake and Bhushi Lake situated here are definitely worth having a look at. The picturesque surroundings and serene environment of the lakes are surely going to take away your heart.

Rock Climbing:

The adventure enthusiasts wouldn't go back from Khandala empty handed. They can try their hand at rock climbing at the Duke's Nose peak and other locations in the Karla hills.

Khandala Sopping:

Khandala is well known for the fast foods such as Chikkis, Jams, Chiwda, Wafers and various types of Sevs.

Images of Khandala:

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